LITE↯BLOX battery charger LB100I

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Safe, fast and gentle charging with automatic soft start function.

Thanks to the waterproof housing, the charger can also be permanently mounted in the vehicle; the LEDs allow easy reading of charging and operating states, as well as error messages.

Programmed per charging characteristic to our LITE↯BLOX for maximum care and service life for the lithium motorsport battery – even deeply discharged cells can be reactivated gently and fully automatically.


  • Auto-wake up: Automatic wake-up of deeply discharged batteries
  • 5-stage charging phase: pre-charge, soft start and constant current phase
  • Charge current monitoring/safety timer: to end the CV phase
  • Auto-restart: after defined number of days or defined voltage drop
  • Spark-proof: when connecting and disconnecting the battery
  • waterproof

Attention: LITE BLOX batteries may only be charged with this charger !


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