DSG DQ250 Transmission Upgrade Oil Cooler Kit

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Upgrade oil cooler kit for all DSG-DQ250 gearboxes.
Safety through optimal oil cooling in performance-enhanced DSG vehicles.

For performance increases that go far beyond chip tuning, where high torques are also driven, our upgrade DSG oil cooler kit is a must. Due to high torques, the load in the gearbox increases, and thus the oil temperature and the gearbox goes into emergency operation. It is then only possible to continue driving after cooling, which is a no go, especially on the racetrack. Our 13-row oil cooler, which is integrated into your vehicle front, cools the oil temperature optimally even under high loads.


  • Protects your gearbox against failure even at high performance
  • Optimal cooling of the gear oil
  • 13-row oil cooler is cooled by airstream
  • High quality components
  • Complete set

The DSG oil cooler kit contains:

  • 13-row oil cooler
  • High pressure hoses with fitting in Dash 6
  • Adapter flange for the gearbox
  • Small parts such as holders and screws

Suitable for all DSG DQ250 gearboxes such as in the 2.0L TFSI & TSI engine and many others.

Attention: Water hoses from the heat exchanger must be connected!


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