2.5L TFSI Audi RS3 8V & TTRS 8S Dogbone torque arm

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Unitronic’s brand new torque arm is designed to maximize the performance of your 5 cylinder by eliminating the slip present in the factory mount and improving driveline stability.

This dogbone-upgrade virtually eliminates steering wheel “hopping” and provides crisper shifts.


  • high strength, made from T7075 billet aluminum
  • Polyurethane bushings
  • ensures faster and safer power transmission
  • reduces wear in the drivetrain
  • reduces engine and transmission slippage
  • reduces “wheel-hopping” and “torque-steering
  • Plug and Play

The torque arm is for the lower engine mount.

The Unitronic Dogbone upgrade for the 2.5L TFSI EVO is also available here with red “Race” bushings for high performance and pure race cars.


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